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This is MagellanPass, an integrated, cloud-based recruitment solution that will change the way you pre-select candidates today.

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About MagellanPass

MagellanPass is a powerful cloud-based recruitment solution which makes pre-selection faster, easier and much more fun than ever before. We help candidates and employers to have a better first impression while reducing cost and time-to-hire. With our Meet-B4U-Meet concept companies have better and quicker hiring matches.

Read more about Meet-B4U-Meet.

How it works

Worldwide license 1

Tell us who you want

Upload your detailed job advertisement or tell us about your open positions and we create it for you.
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Tell us how to test them

Define your pre-selection requirements. Select online tests from our library or create your own.
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We do the sourcing

Let us make your company attractive and collect candidates from our industry communities (e.g. SSC Heroes), university partners and our extensive candidate database.
Worldwide license 4

We do the pre-filtering

Let MagellanPass do the all-inclusive pre-selection process with general video interview, video language tests and personality or professional tests.
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Get full candidate profiles

Instead of standard CVs and motivation letters, review one-page validated candidate profiles with videos and evaluations.
See an example
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Select the best matches

Share profiles with your colleagues or manager and match candidates.

Ask for a free software trial

Sign up for a risk-free 30-day free software trial. We will shortly get in touch with you, set up your account and introduce to the world of MagellanPass. We would love to have a ‘no-obligations’ informal chat and give you more information.

Why magellanpass saas+?

10 reasons for using MagellanPass during the pre-selection process

Improve your recruitment
KPIs: Time-to-Hire
and Quality of Hires
Cost efficiency and continuous performance improvement is always a top priority. MagellanPass SaaS+ is a solution designed with a LEAN approach to speed up the pre-selection process, reduce waiting times and unneccessarry steps in the first phase of the recruitment process. It improves Quality of Hires by giving you the opportunity to assess your candidates through video before inviting them for a face-to-face interview.
Save recruitment
MagellanPass is more affordable than a traditional headhunting service. It will also reduce the number of interviews you need to conduct, because you have a better chance to select the best candidates before you personally meet them thanks to the integrated video and testing solution.
Reduce your dependency
on traditional headhunters,
expand your candidate pool
Traditional headhunters mostly work with CV databases, job advertisement portals and use standardised job descriptions. Our methodology is strongly sales-focused and improves your employer brand. We apply creative writing to our ads and use a number of alternative channels such as community portals (e.g.: SSC Heroes), social media, university events and other creative campaigns.
Reduce your
administration and time
spent on pre-screening
Are you tired of CVs and motivation letters without real insights? Do you find it difficult to track candidates and keep record of all the related documentation? You can use our web-based ATS built into MagellanPass or ask for an integration with your own system, such as Taleo.
Get cutting-edge
recruitment technology
without investment
MagellanPass allows your company to use the latest video recruitment and online testing technology in your recruitment process. No need for any upfront investment, no software to download, you can be up and running within 24 hours with our fully supported cloud-based solution.
Make it more comfortable and friendly for candidates to apply for a position at your company and go through the pre-selection rounds. They can complete the pre-filtering process from the comfort of their home using an interactive, easy-to-handle user interface and they get a much faster response. All they need is a computer with an internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone.
Attract and
amaze the
Y and Z generation
Younger generations are attracted to technology and they feel more comfortable being tested online rather than doing it personally. They enjoy the fact that they can complete the application and the pre-filtering process any time and anywhere.
Get a genuine first-time
experience of
candidates with video
Do you remember the candidate that you knew was incompatible when they first said „hi”? And you still had to do the whole face-to-face interview? Our latest video interviewing technology enables you to meet the candidate before you actually meet them. They will answer to questions without the possibility to stop, pause, redo or review, so you get an immediate and accurate insight into their character, competencies, communication and language skills.
Enjoy no
limits and
no boundaries
Receive applications and pre-filter candidates from anywhere in the world with no additional costs. Travelling, interview schedules and time zones are not an issue anymore. It only takes a few clicks to review all your candidates any time and any place – at work, during travel or in the comfort of your home.
MagellanPass automates all the necessary testing you need during the pre-selection process. Upload your questions or choose from our question library to build up your general interview topics, language tests, professional tests and personality tests. You can have candidates answering the same questions or questions randomly selected from our database.

Why SAAS+?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Your software is licensed on a subscription basis and hosted centrally. You will be able to access through a simple web browser (by using thin client). It is becoming a very popular software delivery model for human resource management (HRM) and talent acquisition.
The main advantage of SaaS is the low and fixed cost of IT support, maintenance and continuous upgrades that GWS Hub provides for every MagellanPass user. You need to make no upfront investment at all.
Shortly, we handle all the issues that come with a software, you just need to make the most of it.

Read more about the technical advantages of SaaS

What is the plus ?

Our service includes a lot more than simply providing you with a software. We offer an all-in-one solution for your candidate sourcing and pre-screening process. All positions you open with MagellanPass will be advertised on relevant channels to reach the target audience and our specialised online sourcing team will be working on collecting matching candidates to be screened with our software. We provide an end-to-end solution for your recruiting. Try MagellanPass and enjoy SaaS with a ‘+’.


Key features

General video

Real people profiles instead of
static cover letters and CVs

Automated one-way
language video interviews

Watch and listen to your candidates’ language skills
as they answer a pre-recorded question set

Personality assessments,
professional tests

Bring your own questions or use
our ready-to-go online tests

Questions Library

For the video interviews, language interviews,
personality and professional tests
pre-defined competency- and role-based
interview questions are available

ATS (Applicant
Tracking System)

Use our own ATS or ask for an
optional integration with your system


Easily make an AC / interview appointment
with the qualified candidates.

Background checks

Leave the hassle for us, we will check and
validate candidates' IDs and certifications

Mobile application
– Coming soon

On-the-go recruitment on
iOS and Android devices will be available soon


Securely share candidate profiles with
anyone to involve them in the hiring process

Reporting support

Export any data to Excel with a a few
clicks and create your customized reports

Ask for a free software trial

Sign up for a risk-free 30-day free software trial. We will shortly get in touch with you, set up your account and introduce to the world of MagellanPass. We would love to have a ‘no-obligations’ informal chat and give you more information.


There are no up-front setup or fixed software subscription and maintenance fees. For all our clients we provide MagellanPass SaaS included in our agency services

Our service fee is solely based on successful hires through our system